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Franz Hattinger


Franz Hattinger learned his trade from the bottom up at Wintersteiger in Ried. After his apprenticeship as a metal worker and his mastership exam, Franz Hattinger was quickly promoted to coordinate service and assembly.

In 1987 Franz Hattinger was promoted to the sales manager of the area seedmech and 3 years later he became seedmech division manager. In this time period Wintersteiger received a world wide patent for the precision spaced planter and a GPS controlled seeder. Franz Hattinger played a big part in the success story Wintersteiger during his 32 years of  employment. Franz Hattinger has extensive knowledge of all who have a name in the seedmech business.

Because of his extensive expertise knowledge, Franz Hattinger is appreciated as a competent, sympathetic and absolute fair partner. With his comprehensive and long-time experience in seed breeding Franz Hattinger is an essential Representative of HarvestMaster Europe.

Kontakt Information

Job description: Representative
Email: fhattinger@harvestmaster.eu
Mobile: +43 664 88871601
Telephone: +43 7242 219 333-12