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Absolute Percision

The Classic GrainGage utilizes HarvestMaster’s reliable HM800 electronics to attain excellent data accuracy for critical measurements like weight, moisture, and test weight, while eliminating the need for large, bulky cables. GrainGages also use patented slope and motion sensors and an Electromagnetic Grain Moisture Sensor to provide highly accurate measurements, even on high-moisture grains. To further increase accuracy, the Classic GrainGage processes grain in small batches, averaging the moisture and test weight from multiple measurements for the most reliable results.

Increased Efficiency

The Classic GrainGage uses specialized sensors that compensate for vibration and movement, allowing you to harvest strip trials and normal-length plots without stopping the combine, and ultimately, increasing speed and efficiency.

Mirus Product Page

Mirus Software - Easy-to-use, yet powerful

The Classic GrainGage is optimized to use with HarvestMaster’s Mirus software, a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that allows researchers to collect and monitor plot harvest data as it’s collected.

Technical Specifications

Classic GrainGage


  • 74cm Width x 36cm Depth x 53cm Height


  • 45 kg

Chamber Capacity:

  • 3.0 Liter – Typ. 2.5 kg corn
  • 1.5 Liter – Typ. 1.1 kg corn

Weight Accuracy*:

  • +/- 10 g

Moisture Accuracy:

  • +/- 0,5% (wwb) up to 0% bis 25% Moisture
  • +/- 0,9% (wwb) up to 25% bis 35% Moisture

Test Weight Accuracy:

  • +/- 1.25 kg/hL over 95% of samples

Grain Inlet:

  • 15cm x 21,5cm opening

Grain Outlet:

  • 11,5cm x 19cm opening


  • Precision pneumatic

HM800 Electronics


  • IP67 waterproof & dustproof

Operating Temperature:

  • -20 C to 50 C


  • 9V to 17V DC


  • CAN Bus – 4 wire


  • Sealed Con-X
  • all connectors